Thank you for choosing Black Cat Bow Repair and Restoration for your bow care needs!  Please print and fill out the form below and send it in the package with your bow(s) at time of shipping.  This information is very valuable to us so that we understand exactly what services you require, and how best to complete them. 

Black Cat Bow Repair and Restoration charges a flat rate of $12.00 for shipping on outbound bows.  Shipping charges will be adjusted in the event of more than one bow being shipped at a time, and the customer will be informed of this cost before shipping is completed. We will not ship to P.O Box numbers. On average, the cheapest means of shipping a bow to us is through the U.S. Postal Service.  Some other good options are UPS, Fed Ex, or DHL, however these shippers do not make Saturday deliveries.

Nervous about shipping your bow?  Professional musicians ship their instruments every day with no problems.  While there is always some risk in shipping, you can ensure that your bow will arrive safe and sound with some simple preparation. Not taking the following steps can result in damage beyond repair. Black Cat Bow Repair and Restoration accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss when you ship your bow, therefore we recommended you purchase insurance when shipping your bow, always obtain a tracking number, and call or email us before you ship to ensure that we are expecting your package.

Materials needed for safely shipping a bow:

  • The safest method is a bow case or a length of PVC pipe a few inches longer than your bow, which can be purchased at many home improvement stores.
  • A square box longer than your bow, or a triangular shipping box.
  • Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or packing paper.

Steps to safely pack your bow:

  • Make sure that the bow hair is completely loosened.
  • If the hair is still very tight after loosening, please remove the screw and frog.
  • Pack the bow in either a case or PVC pipe that is large enough to allow for padding at both ends of the package, and pad it enough to ensure that it doesn't shift during shipping.
  • Pack that case or PVC pipe inside another long shipping box, and include the shipping form that you have printed out and completed.
  • Insure your package, and be sure to get a tracking number for your delivery.

Katie Ferrie,
Sep 9, 2013, 6:38 PM