Other Repairs

These are some of the more common repairs that Black Cat Bow Repair and Restoration offers:

Tip Replacement:

A broken or cracked tip can put the head of the bow in the path of some serious damage if left broken. The tip plays a large roll in protecting the nose and face of the bow head, as well as being a key piece that assists the wooden plugs in holding the hair in place.

While a broken tip can be a costly repair, a broken bow head can cause the bow to loose much of it's value, and in some cases render the bow unusable.  

Replacing a tip is a labor intensive repair that requires a slow and practiced hand with a file and a tip carving knife. Any bow sent in for a tip replacement will also require a bow rehair, which will be added to the over all cost of the repair. 

We offer tip replacement in plastic, faux ivory, and mammoth ivory to suite whatever price range and need a player might have.

Silver Winding:

A new silver winding on a bow can add value and a clean, professional look. The prices of winding replacement will fluxuacte as the market price of silver fluxates. Please call for current pricing. 

Solder/Re-Wrap a Loose Winding:

To preserve the existing winding on a bow that is loose or has come unraveled, a simple re-wrapping and soldering is needed.

Straighten a Warped Stick:

Minor warping in a stick can be easily altered and will allow the bow to function properly. 

Thumb Grips:
Keeping your thumb grip in good shape provides more than just a polished look and comfort to the bow hand. A worn thumb grip can cause the stick underneath to become worn, and eventually create a divet in the stick that can lessen the value of your bow as well as call for a costly repair to replace the worn wood. Replacing the thumb grip is an affordable, routine repair that a player should consider for a healthy bow. 

We offer Moroccan goat in black, and lizard in either black or red-ish brown. As more varied types of grip materials become available, they will be added to the site.

Winding Leather Collar:

A thin, black leather collar can be added or replaced to protect the edge of a winding, or be added for aesthetics.

Ivory Nose Replacement:

A chipped or broken nose on a bow tip leave the head of the bow open to damaged. A nose replacement is a very cost effect repair if taken care of quickly. A bow left with a missing tip nose can result in chips of pernambuco wood breaking away from the nose of the bow. 

Stripped Eyelet Replacement:

A stripped eyelet can be the result of several situations, with the most common being a musician playing on hair that is too long or has stretched out past the healthy length for their particular bow. The brass eyelet of the frog becomes stripped over time from having to over tighten the hair into playing tension. Another cause is tension left on the bow hair once playing is done. Once the eyelet is stripped, the bow cannot play. Some signs that your eyelet is beginning to strip most commonly that you hear or feel a clicking in the screw as you tighten the hair, or that the screw feels like it catches as it turns.