Katie Ferrie
Black Cat Bow Repair & Restoration
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"Kate Ferrie does excellent bow work. I have had her work on my clients' bows and have been extremely happy with her work and her ability to follow my instructions based on my clients' needs. I highly encourage you to try her for all your bow work."

David Basch
Violist and Fine Instrument Consultant -- Washington DC

"Kate is a fantastic bow repair-woman and someone I would highly suggest using when needing a repair and re-hair for your bow. She is also an excellent violinist and violist, which is sometimes hard to find in the instrument repair world - someone who understands and does both well. I highly endorse Kate Kerr as a repair-woman, violinist/violist, and teacher."

Beth Radovsky
Cellist/Cello Teacher -- Washington DC

"As a performing musician, I fully entrust the care of my antique bow with Katie Ferrie. Timely and musically aware, her outstanding work will suit the needs of any player, from novice to professional. I look forward to many rehairs from Kate in the years to come!"

Louis Privitera,
Violist with Tetra String Quartet, Private Instructor -- Tempe, AZ

"Ms. Ferrie is a bow expert to trust. She is talented, understands the musician and is ethical as well. This is an exciting new business!!!"

Gabrielle Kundert
Viola Maker -- Olney, MD

"I want to wish Katie Ferrie all the best in her new endeavor in the bow repair business.  I've had several bows repaired in excellent fashion as well as sitting in the same viola section listening to her her wonderful playing!  How great to have both talents!"

Judy Rand