Bow Rehair

Black Cat Bow Repair and Restoration uses only the finest horse hair available to ensure a professional and well rehaired bow every time.
We offer the follow types of hair:
  • Mongolian Stallion
  • Siberian Stallion
  • Salt and Pepper for cello and bass bows
  • Black and white hair for bass bows
  • Coming soon:  Colored hair!  Contact us for more information.

The rehair process is the both the most basic and the most complex service for your bow. While a rehair is a routine part of keeping your bow at optimal playing level like an oil change is to a car, every player's instrument is personal, and produces their personal sound. The bow is such a major part of this sound, and is often neglected even by professional players. A good bow rehair can bring out the best tone and clarity in your instrument. Sometimes players mistake a muddy sound or dull tone to be the result of the typical causes such as worn out strings or a sound post out of position, and what is needed is new hair.  

Hair is an organic material, and does have a playing shelf life, so to speak. On average, a bow should be rehaired every 6 months. Some players practicing and performing many hours a week have bows that demand a rehair as often as every 3 or 4 months. No matter how often you play, it is best to rehair the bow at the beginning of the humid summer season, and before the dry winter season. Temperature and humidity greatly effect both the hair and the wooden plugs used to rehair a bow. Often times, the repairman will rehair the bow on the short side for summer, knowing that the humidity will make the hair stretch out beyond playability, and longer in the winter knowing that heaters create very dry environments and cause the hair to shrink up to the point of making the bow impossible to loosen properly. If you have specific needs in regards to the length of your bow hair, please explain it in detail to the repairman so that you get the response that you need out of your bow. If you are ever dissatisfied with a rehair, please contact the shop and explain the issue. We will adjust any repair to the player's satisfaction, with no extra cost.